A case summary about zanes cycles

So he continued the pickup and delivery service for those who had bought a bike under that window, but decided it was a losing proposition for the long haul and discontinued the service for new customers. This is another example of the philosophy in action: In other words our goal is simply to blow them away with our attention to detail as soon as we meet them.

More than a decade ago, he used that concept to launch a business filling orders for custom-fitted Trek bikes geared for corporate rewards programs.

Fred Clements: Zane's reinvents the wheel

The manager invited the customer to come back into the store where they refit the bike at no charge, and threw in a few extras, like a toe clip and handlebar light, for free. Why not just chalk up the unhappy customer to a casualty of doing business? With a focus on quality builds, the number of requests for service is actually manageable.

Zane's Cycles

Because, Zane says, a happy customer will shop at his store for years to come—and tell his friends about it. This is another example of changing the rules of the game, he notes.

I get them on their first bike. In fact, in the book Zane seems to delight in coming up with unexpected and unusual offerings that competitors either will not or cannot match. His mother tended the store while he was at school in the mornings. He has sold his bikes to credit card companies for their rewards programs and corporations who offer them as employee incentives.

Better yet I want customers to come back with their kids their relatives and five friends. May 9, More from Inc. Just put things into place that are customer focused that are lifetime relationship focused and then you can tweak them and then you can move it, and you can, you know, move the dial.

Here are some examples: He tells people to picture a 7-year-old riding on a two-wheeler for the first time. For a one-time fee, a customer receives an unlimited number of flat tire repairs. And, you know, the rest is kind of been consistent growth for the next 23 years.

Then take the next step and then take the next step. It presents great detail about his operating philosophies developed throughout the years.

Of course the only chance I have of ever seeing that kind of return on the relationship is if that customer keeps coming back and back again. One of our early mistakes were that I thought I was in the bike business and I had all the about the tires and the spokes and the rubber and, you know, all the things that happen in a bike.

Those that are result in another bike going out the door and relationships to be solidified. Courtesy Company Chris Zane is in the experience business.

Do You Believe Customers are an Asset…Or a Cost Center?

If you add up all those transactions, and granted, there might be 40 years from the time, you know, or 50 years from the time, we start till we finish.

Creating experiences that will make customers feel good about the reward product—and not irritated that they have to spend hours putting something together. Being an entrepreneur uses a different skill set.

I get their second bike. I started the business when I was a junior in high school. How many different transactions will I have with a customer? Over the last few years, Zane has expanded the business to include items like gaming systems and racing strollers.

And you know I made lots of mistakes and learned from the mistakes. You know, they get married, they have a mid-life crisis bike, their retirement bike. He installed a mahogany coffee bar in his shop and gives away free drinks. Items such as ball bearings, master links and various nuts and bolts.

Frequently asked to speak about business strategies, Zane recently published a book, Reinventing the Wheel: Consistently expanding has allowed him to keep his average annual growth rate at The Science of Creating Lifetime Customers.An exception is Chris Zane, owner of Zane’s Cycles in Branford, Connecticut.

His book Reinventing the Wheel traces his history in bicycle retail, getting his first tax ID number at age 12, buying his first bike shop at age 16, and building Zane’s Cycles into one of the largest bike shops in the country today.

At Zane’s Cycles, we’re here to make bike ownership even more enjoyable for you. Every bicycle purchased from us comes with our world famous Zane's Cycles Lifetime Free. (Peter Hvizdak - New Haven Register) Tom Girard, Zanes Cycles of Branford retail manager, left, and Zanes Cycles employee James Bouderau, right, load used bicycles onto a specialized Zanes Cycles.

Zane's Cycles Big Wheel Sale, this weekend, March 31, April 1 - 2 A great flyover video of the Big Wheel Sale from our buddy, Jay Baldwin killarney10mile.com We're here with factory reps and tons of staff starting Friday am through Sunday pm/5(63). Al Akhawayn University Business Enviroment and Ethics Zane’s Cycles Case Study Supervised by: Dr.

Karim Moustaghfir Hind Nebbaki Rime El Haddi Rita Mhammedi Alaoui Marouane Sabri Youssef Loutfi Youssef Labiad Zane’s Cycles is bicycle shop who was founded by Chris Zane. Trek Bike Recall Is a Case Study in Crisis Response Chris Zane of Zane's Cycles shares his tips for how to respond to a product recall or similar crisis situation.

By Graham Winfrey Senior editor.

A case summary about zanes cycles
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