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Calculating the Nozzle Reaction for a 1-inch-Bore-Diameter Nozzle If the bore diameter is reduced to 1 inch, the nozzle reaction at gallons per minute is significantly increased to pounds reactive force.

With a Factor of Safety of 2 to 3, it is recommended that to pounds of sandbags be used to counter the nozzle reactive force. At least two studies suggest that chlorinated and sulfonated water sulfur-based dechlorination poses a hazard to some sensitive aquatic species Hall and others ; Rein and others Chemical Methods Chemical methods of dechlorinating water are faster than passive methods.

Neither is considered a hazardous chemical. The reaction Tikkanen and others of sodium ascorbate with chlorine is shown below: Figure 3—Double-bag for increased strength. Since ascorbic acid is weakly acidic, the pH of the treated water may decrease slightly in low alkaline waters.

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Once it is placed in solution, however, vitamin C degrades in a day or two. General-purpose sand that is packaged in either a plastic bag or a paper wrapper should be double-bagged with the fiberglass bags for added safety.

Second, vitamin C is not toxic to aquatic life at the levels used for A reaction to fs water. Sodium ascorbate is preferable for neutralizing high concentrations of chlorine.

Although ascorbic acid is mildly acidic and, in large doses, will lower the pH of the treated water, sodium ascorbate is neutral and will not affect the pH of the treated water or the receiving stream.

Figure 2—Ascorbic acid is used to neutralize chlorine. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Bags wrapped in paper should be split open inside the double sandbag, allowing the sandbag to be pliable and drape over the hose.

It is pH neutral and will not change the pH of the treated water. Use to pounds of sandbags for the 1. Water system operators may use sulfur compounds to dechlorinate water. Two forms of vitamin C, ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate, will neutralize chlorine.

The San Dimas Technology and Development Center project leader set up a small experiment to evaluate water changes during the use of sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid to neutralize a strong chlorine solution figure 2. Tables 1 and 2 show the results.

The USDA assumes no responsibility for the interpretation or use of this information by other than its own employees.


However, to properly neutralize chlorinated water, operators need both caution and experience when using sulfur-based chemicals Hill Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs. Always doublecheck the weight. Using a scale, fill all sandbags to the same weight.

Cost Fiberglass sandbags at a home improvement store cost approximately 25 cents each. Passive Methods There are several passive methods for neutralizing chlorine. Both forms of vitamin C are stable, with a shelf life of at least 1 year in a dry form if kept in a cool, dark place.

The experiment consisted of: The Tacoma, WA, Water Utility Engineer recommends against using ascorbic acid to neutralize high levels of chlorine in large volumes of water because it lowers the pH of the treated water.

When vitamin C is oxidized, a weak acid called dehydroascorbic acid forms. One gram of ascorbic acid will neutralize 1 milligram per liter of chlorine per gallons of water.

If a large amount of treated water is going to be discharged to a small stream, the pH of the treated water and the stream should be within 0. The Tacoma Water Utility engineer recommends using sodium ascorbate instead.Abstract Table of Contents This report is a summary of an 8-year research program at the Forest Products Laboratory on chemical modification of wood with epoxides.

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A reaction to fs
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