An analysis of changing the environment can have many effects on our livesbeing good or bad

However, if more substantial sums are warranted for the powerful and exalted, they must be routed through labyrinthine benami courses, with a great deal of it being paid in kind in the form of property transferred, bought and paid for.

This unclaimed money makes for a significant chunk of the Swiss economy.

To slay this fiscal anaconda will take much more effort. The money trail has gone cold, that too for several years now. Sometimes via the East India Company and often through a procession of princely stooges. If one attempts to unravel this complex ball of twine in terms of evidence admissible in a court of law, it would certainly keep several generations employed.

So, to get at these monies now or in the future would call for a sea-change in the way we run things in India. The Swiss have built a nation on this secrecy.

The British were past masters at disguising their plunder: Yet there is another side to this story. It is also a cut above constituency allowances and figures stated in ridiculously out-of-date guidelines on how much a man or woman may spend in order to get elected in the first place.

Also included in the picture is the cost of chartering private planes and helicopters that are routinely used by politicians for political rallies and constituency visits, along with the large fleets of vehicles required to ferry them and their staff on the ground. Customs during Elizabethan Era. But even as we entertain such fantasies, we must realise that the stashing of such vast sums abroad is a symptom of a pervasive disease, and not just a collective act of deviancy from the honest norm.

It exists partly because the Government and its constituent party machineries cannot do without it and, to a certain extent, neither can business and industry in the present dispensation. The ongoing campaign in the media about the hoarded billions in Swiss banks that allegedly belong to hawala-patronising and black-money generating Indians is hotting up.

India is probably no more corrupt than the next nation, but it is burdened with untenable laws that most of the powers-that-be have seen fit to circumvent.

A profligate and inefficient use of tax revenues with a huge Government living high makes for a very understandable desire to dodge taxes on the part of a long suffering public.

As far as the abundant overflow of liquid funds is concerned, to further secure the loot, it must be broken up into many separate transactions and sent abroad through ubiquitous unofficial banking channels. However, this debate has blithely ignored the vital components of the very structuring of political and commercial life in India.

But, due to local laws in Arabia, it is not illegitimate. Furthermore this bribe money — in small instalments for the humble — must be traceless. Collectively, they provide much comfort to those in need of their services. Today, post the British overlays — its monopolies, duties, cesses, taxes, permissions, warrants, licences, exclusions, inclusions, requisitions over and above the old Mughal ones — we have tens of millions of un-sackable babus empowered with myriad levels of sanctioning authority and oversight.

While the account-holders mostly consisted of monied Europeans, others were Nazis, Indian princes, deposed dictators and so on. They are mushrooming every day to cater to new destinations, such as a resurgent Africa.

The amount called for runs into tens of thousands of crores of rupees, much of it extorted from business and industry for party coffers in cash.Service marketing trends It is changing Flexibility to make commercial and contact with social relationships. mistrust Customers worried about the fate of Development of the idea “Think “Save our the planet, environment and green”, volunteers, electric cars, society” education recycling.

Feb 10,  · The internet can be a great leveller in many ways to many people. What set these young people apart from Kashmiri men and women of my generation and the generation after that was the absence of hate for the 'other'.

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An analysis of changing the environment can have many effects on our livesbeing good or bad
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