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Then the collected Banana peel as shoe polish essay leaves are pounded using the mortar and pestle. Hypothesis Maybe Ipil-ipil, banana peel, and baby oil can be used as substitute shoe polish. Banana is a fruit which is still very casually consumed for its taste, texture and a feeling of fullness unlike other fruits which are eaten due to their much known health benefits.

One can make a completely rich history, going through many changes over the years. First of all, our almighty God, the creator and savior who give life, good health, wisdom and guidance to finish this investigatory project.

With the rag wrapped tightly around the first two fingers, we will apply the polish in small, tight swirls. Then separately apply the ipil-ipil paste in the shoe. Review of the related literature Ipil-ipil is found throughout the Philippines in settled areas at low and medium altitudes.

We therefore conclude that banana peelings showed potential to be an alternative shoe polish. Procedure For the shoe without the kiwi; this is what we will do: Instead, they were often called blacking especially when mixed with lampblackor simply continued to be referred to as dubbin. This study aims to test the feasibility of ipil-ipil leaves, banana peel, and baby oil as an alternative shoe polish.

Lastly, to our parents for the financial assistance and guidance to the researchers to make this project successful. Data analysis revealed that 0. Significance of the study The researchers conducted this study in order for the people to be informed that ipil-ipil, banana peel, and baby oil that can be an alternative for making shoe polish that can really help people in solving their problems about not good looking shoes.

The Doppler Effect is familiar to everyone when it affects sound waves.

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The leaflets are linear oblong and centimeter in diameter,with many flower. Significance of the study: And this test resulted that banana peelings had no significant difference to commercial shoe polish.

After stirring the mixtures, let it cool and harden. We all know that our country today are suffering crisis. Review of the Related Literature A. Scope and limitation This study is limited on how to make shoe polish out of ipil-ipil, banana peel and baby oil.

Except for its limitations for weight loss and diabetes, like other fruits this one too deserves high regards.

While in a low fire, combine the kerosene and extract of the banana peels with the melted candle. Modern polish formulate were introduced early in the 20th century and some products from that era are still in use today. The old scientific name Musa sapientum is no longer used.

In Los Angeles and most other places, shoe polish is disallowed in the regular trash.

Feasibility Of Making a Shoe Shine From a Banana Essay Sample

The researchers would like to know if the peelings of the banana can be made as a shoe polish and have the same result as the synthetic shoe polish.

The leaflets are ,linear oblong and millimeters in length.Shinana " Shine your shoe with Banana" - Utilization of Banana Peel to create shoe polisher. Shinana " Shine your shoe with Banana" - Utilization of Banana Peel to create shoe polisher.

Uploaded by. Alpha Z Honorado. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Shoe polish is a product used to shine, polish, and protect leather footwear.

Feasibility Of Making a Shoe Shine From a Banana; Feasibility Of Making a Shoe Shine From a Banana Essay Sample. The researchers confirmed that banana peel can be made into a shoe polish but the commercial shoe polish has a slight difference from the banana (Musa Paradisiaca) peel shoe polish.

Therefore, it can only serve. Shoe Polish. I know it sounds a bit weird, but apparently banana peels make for a good show polish without any of the toxic chemicals found in store-bought shoe polishes.

All you need to do is rub. The Science Investigatory Project Essay Sample. The Science Investigatory project determines the possibility of the variety of the inner banana peel and ipil-ipil leaves as shoe polish. Read this essay on The Feasibility of Banana Peel as Alternative Floor Wax.

Banana Peeling as an Alternative Shoe Polish

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Banana or banana peel to be more specific is high in potassium that is commonly used ingredient in shoe polish and another, banana peel is known for its slippery effect that when both idea is. INTRODUCTION. Shoe polish is a product used to shine, polish, and protect leather footwear.

Polishing shoes will increase their life span. In present times, everybody always use shoe polishers for their shoes to look presentable and fabulous to walk with attractive thus boosting more confidence to its beholder.

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Banana peel as shoe polish essay
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