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A NASA rocketry page for educators — http: Try focusing teams on their aim rather than simply how far their rocket flies. Here are a couple of places to start: How do these rockets fly differently? What are some things Chalkboard paper might change about their design to make that happen?

If it is too tight on the PVC, it might not leave the launch pad at all. Some angle in between is Chalkboard paper kids experiment to discover which angle they think works best.

Remind teams of the challenge far and straight and review the materials they have to use. Weight — The rockets fly much better if there is some weight paper clips, pennies or washers at the TOP of the rocket, but not Chalkboard paper much weight.

If you are doing this activity inside your afterschool classroom, there will be no test launching until you take them to the launch area. Fins — Getting these rockets to fly straight can be tricky.

What do their designs have in common? If no teams have thought of this, ask students to think about airplanes and how they fly through the air — what parts of the plane might help keep them flying straight? Use a measuring tape or yardsticks to measure the distances traveled.

NASA knows a lot about rockets, as you might imagine.

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Encourage them to start from scratch if they have some new ideas to try. If any of the design elements mentioned above did not come up in the large group conversation, find ways to ask each team questions that will help lead them to discovering these ideas.

You could play a game similar to horseshoes, with the closest team receiving points. A rocket that is launched straight up into the air will not travel very far it will go a long way straight up, but the challenge is to create a rocket that travels a long distance as measured on the ground.

The Challenge Design, build and launch a rocket that travels as far and as straight as possible. Diameter of the Rocket — How the rocket fits onto the rocket launcher can have a big impact on how well the rocket flies.

Teams can make changes to the rockets that they made in the last session or they can build new rockets as they try different design elements. If you would like, encourage teams to come up with a name for their rockets and to add designs to them with markers before the final launch.

Do they think they can make them fly even farther and straighter? Look for teams that do have straight-flying rockets. If it is too loose, it might not fly either. Did their rockets fly far and straight?

This is an important tip, so look for teams that have added no weight, some that have added weight to the sides or bottom of their rockets and some that have added weight to the top of their rockets.

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If you are doing the activity outside or in the indoor launching spot, students can bring their prototypes to you to perform test launches.

Teams will have to throw their rockets to judge how well they will travel. Visit their many websites for a wealth of information, images, and more activities.

Closed Nose — The top of the rocket the nose or cone needs to be closed so that no air leaks out. Have each team show their rocket to the other teams.

Angle — The angle at which the rocket is launched is one of the most important factors. Look for these design elements and if you see any teams using a closed nose, weight, fins or a particular launch angle, point it out and ask them to describe how their rocket flew before they added the fins, weight, etc and how it did afterward.

Paper Rockets – Flying Farther

Suggestions You can have students experiment with different kinds of paper and different kinds of tape—do construction paper rockets fly differently than plain white paper rockets? Launching parallel to the ground will not travel very far either.All Super Value Canvas Pack $10 each.

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