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His tenacity, perseverance, will and determination made him one of the most influential persons in Mexico. At about this time Cortes started his famous march inland even after negotiations with Montezuma.

If there are benefits, there are however certain disadvantages brought about by the arrival of Cortes in Mexico. She became his lover and out of loyalty to him became his interpreter, Translator, Guide, and Counselor.

They worshipped the trees, plants, animals, the skies, the clouds and the earth. Cortez essay help Christianity was introduced in Mexico by Spanish expeditions long before the arrival of Cortes, the extent of his colonization made it possible for Christianity to spread more rapidly than the early conquistadores.

With their hunting skills, catching food suddenly became easier. Dale Hoyt Palfrey 3 These inter-racial marriages and unions led to the birth of a new and beautiful race in Mexico The most important contribution of the Cortez is the spread of Christianity to the New World.

One of these is the diseases which were carried by the members of his expeditions to Mexico.

Since they did not have the technology to fight these diseases, a significant cortez essay help of the population died. Ralph Russo 3 There was also an exchange of technology between the Spaniards and the Native Americans.

He sailed from Santo Domingo in the Spring of While Cortes was doing this Velasquez dispatched an expedition under the Spanish soldier Panfilo de Narveas to Mexico.

Cortes sailed along the east coast of Yucatan and in March landed in Mexico. Among these plants are wheat, rice, barley, and oats. Cortes can also be credited for introducing to Mexico the use of metals and irons.

They found mounds of gold in stalk houses. In April Cortes received word that Narveaz had arrived on the coast.

To safeguard his position he took Montezuma as a hostage and forced him to swear allegiance to Charles I, king of Spain and to provide ransom of an enormous sum in gold and jewels. Cortes took lots of captives one of which they baptized and renamed Marina. This tribe quickly became an alliance to the Spanish because they were enemies to the Aztecs.

Cortes neutralized the town of Tabasco. When the Spaniards arrived, that was the first time the native Indians saw horses. Because these cattle reproduced very easily, meat soon became the staple in Mexico.

In fact, what made it very easy for Cortes and his men to conquer the Native Americans is its use of metals for its weapons and shields. Another significant influence of Cortes is his introduction of a wide variety of livestock, the most important of which is the horses which they brought from Spain.

Leaving men at Tenochtitlan under the command of Pedro de Alvarado. With the arrival of the Spaniards, the Native Americans were introduced to Christianity. Juan de Grijalva, nephew of Velasquez, had discovered the mainland the year before by the Spanish soldier and explorer Fernandez de Cobia and.

They carried out sacrifices. In addition to horses, swine, cattle, sheep and goats were likewise introduced. Because they lack the speed and agility of the horses, the native Indians mostly had to rely on their skills, ingenuities and abilities to catch food. Despite the friendly reception giving to the Spanish, Cortes had reason to believe that there would be attempts to drive them out of the city.

On February 19, Cortes set sail west from Cuba even though Velasquez cancelled his pay because of suspicion that Cortes would find himself independent and refuse to take order.

In fact, Hernan Cortes was the first person to become the father of a Spanish mestizo. Before the arrival of the Spaniards, the Native Americans were pagans. His law school years were cut short in when he decided to try his luck in the New World. In he persuaded Velasquez to give him command to the expedition of Mexico.

It is said that the Spaniards brought to Mexico small pox, malaria, typuhs and measles which devastated the Native Americans. In fact, he may have even changed the course of the entire history because of the ripple effect of his conquest of Mexico.

Hernan Cortes was one such person.Read Cortes free essay and over 88, other research documents. Cortes. Hernan Cortes was born in in a town called Medellin in Extremadura.

It /5(1). Hernando Cortes Conquered Mexico Essay; Hernando Cortes Conquered Mexico Essay. In addition to, Cortes was making plans to advance against the Aztecs.

He took a Tabasco woman and enlisted her help to supplement his army. Cortes used her to translate the native language to Aguilar. Hernando Cortez Essay Words | 5. Gregorio Cortez Essay La verdadero historia de Once Cortez learned of this he quickly boarded his ship, and with “ Spanish soldiers, sailors, One club member has agreed to help prepare the following financial statements and help the manager ascertain whether the plans are realistic.

Additional information follows the. Cortez was however adamant. InWe are the leading provider of essay writing services. If you need help we will prepare a well-written Essay on Hernan Cortes at very affordable rates starting at $/page. Hernando Cortez Essay. Words 5 Pages. He took a Tabasco woman and enlisted her help to supplement his army.

Cortez used her to translate the native language to Aguilar. Aguilar was another Spaniard shipped wreck at the port of Vera Cruz. He had learned the language of the natives. Aguilar translated the language to Cortez. Free Hernando Cortez papers, essays, and research papers.

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