Counterclaims in writing assignments

Hopefully, going over the claims and counterclaims will elicit comments and questions from the class. Rank the three counterclaims in order of importance. We come up with some possible reasons. They need to access their prior knowledge before I introduce the concept of the counterclaim.

The final slide for this section reinforces the need for the counterclaim to logically respond to the prompt. I give them four prompts on slide 8.

Fast Food is Harmful Student Sample: We have long established ourselves as a reliable and quality service, the service which is used by students far beyond the borders of our country. Complex Tasks Applying Knowledge: I take the last few minutes of class to remind them of the assignment and answer any lingering questions.

We are still at the initial planning stages of their argumentative essay W Maybe it is because by proving and then disproving the other side, our claim is strengthened. The world we are living in has changed over the past decade and to reach something in the scientific world great efforts are required.

Martin Luther King as an example. I read aloud the outline, most students understand how to fill in the blanks immediately. For this they have to spend a lot of time reading books, exploring the latest innovations and engaging in writing scientific papers. Now, with you have us with you!

I pass out the Counterclaim Paragraph Outline and place one blank outline under the document camera. I want them to really explore how they craft their question and the claim. They are similar to the prompts for claims. Now they are ready to insert their counterclaim paragraphs.

We provide a unique opportunity to acquire a high-quality work at a nominal price, which will be appreciated even by the most scrupulous professors. Next I ask them to write at least three potential counterclaims.

Explain why or why not suggestions for improvement. One of them does not respond logically to the prompt. The students read this essay in their unit on rhetoric.

They will work with this partner for all the activities in class.


With their partner they choose a prompt and collaborate to write a quick claim and counterclaim SL They need to be ready to produce potential counterclaims for their argumentative essay. It has to be a credible possibility.

Creating Valid Counterclaims

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Not surprisingly, all of these factors lead to the fact that students cannot withstand the load, and this leads to depression.

Today they should have their essential question for their research project, a draft of the claim, and at least four reasons they believe in their claim W It also allows students to see a variety of perspectives on a topic. Peer Evaluation of Counterclaims 10 minutes Finally we return to where class began with peer evaluation.

Just like the claim, we are still in the preliminary stages of writing an argumentative essay. I often have kids share snippets of their discussion with the whole group.

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At least one assignment must be completed each quarter. In the case of transfers within the Archdiocese, please send the writing folder to the new school; the teacher in the new school should make sure the student completes what was not covered if the transfer is.

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Argumentative writing requires you to make a claim and support it. In this lesson, you'll learn how best to do so and how counterclaims can strengthen an argument. I Beg to Differ! Writing Effective Counterclaims. Worksheet. I Beg to Differ! Writing Effective Counterclaims. no ratings yet.

Assignments are a Premium feature. Create and track assignments as a Premium member. Learn More. Get your students thinking about the power of persuasion! Your students will learn how to support an opinion by. So, there you have it - the four parts of an argument: claims, counterclaims, reasons, and evidence.

A claim is the main argument. A counterclaim is the opposite of the argument, or the opposing. What are counterclaims? Counter = against Counterclaim Paragraphs by How can we entertain objections and still come out on top!

Punctuation: The Road Signs of Writing. Generating Scenes. Textual Evidence: Scarlet Letter. More prezis by author Popular presentations.

Counterclaims in writing assignments
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