Effective discharge teaching for nurses essay

Utilize return demonstration when administering care.

Do not simply hand the patient a stack of papers to read. Find out what the patient already knows. Quiz them on the actions and side effects. Are large print materials available and useful for a particular patient? This is because the intended audience of discharge instructions is patients rather than clinicians.

You do not have it reinvent the wheel for each patient. Take advantage of these resources. Internet sources abound as well. Involve the patient from the very first treatment. Discharge planning starts at admission Hospital nurses can best educate patients by understanding that discharge planning begins with admission.

Patient education needs to be comprehensive and easily understood. We cannot create more time for nurses. Indeed, understanding and memorizing the hospital discharge instructions can be very challenging.

If using written materials, gently determine how well your patient is able to read and comprehend information. Tips to improve patient education Nurses are overworked and underpaid.

For example, some patients may want detailed information about every aspect of their health condition.

Include Family Members Involving family members in patient teaching improves the chances that your instruction will be utilized. To mitigate these factors, discharge instructions must be presented in an easily understood format for patients to review during and after discharge.

Patients need to take a proactive role in their own health care. These are just a few tips for you to consider. Teaching patients and their families can be one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of providing nursing care.

If your patient is hearing impaired, use visual materials and hands on methods instead of simply providing verbal instruction. Utilize visual activities as often as possible.

This lack of comprehension also reduces patient satisfaction and compliance [ 6 — 8 ]. Provide patients with information about signs and symptoms to report to his physician and ensure that he knows to do this timely and not wait for another crisis to act.

Furthermore, pictographs used in health communication were often developed in an ad-hoc fashion. Question their understanding of the care, and plan for the next lesson.

In the participatory design process, a graphical designer created an initial set of pictures. A number of studies have shown that pictographs can improve patient comprehension of health information [ 9 — 11 ].

However, prior studies show that many patients and in some cases a majority of patients do not fully understand or recall the instructions they receive [ 3 — 5 ].Tips to Improve Patient Education.

One of the most important roles nurses have today is patient education. This was once reserved for the physician, but no longer. Discharge Planning And Processing Of Nursing Care Nursing Essay is to address the nursing care of a patient with psoriasis based on two aspects of care which include patient education and discharge planning and process.

Discharge Planning and Processing of Nursing Care.

Five Tips for Providing Effective Patient Education

Hospital discharge is a complex and challenging process for healthcare professionals, patients, and carers. Effective discharge planning could significantly improve a patient's health and reduce patient readmission [1 – 6].A systematic review from 21 randomised controlled trials involving 7, patients by Shepperd showed that a structured discharge.

Introduction. Inpatient hospital discharge is a complex process involving a team of health providers such as physicians, nurses, dietitians, physical therapists, social workers and care coordinators.

Teaching patients is an important aspect of nursing care. Whether teaching a new mom how to bathe a newborn baby or instructing an adult who is living with a chronic condition, the success of the individual is greatly impacted by the quality of the nurse.

Essay Effective Discharge Teaching for Nurses - One must understand that patients who are prescribed warfarin are at a high risk of bleeding. According to Sanderson et al.

() “many patients were unable to link known risk factors as contributing” to DVT to their therapist (p. 25).

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Effective discharge teaching for nurses essay
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