Forensic handwriting analysis new york

You were very fast, thorough and professional. At FDI, we look forward to serving you and rendering nothing more than the truth in all of our questioned document cases.

Peterson was very professional in her delivery and provided a detailed analysis of her work. We won the trial and I recommend him whole heartedly. Peterson as your handwriting expert for your questioned document case. Do not delay in hiring Ms. In Aprilmy client retained Ms.

Should any prospective client of yours have questions they wold like to ask me concerning your work, I would certainly be willing to discuss the matter with them.

You were very compassionate and understanding and always available to speak to me. Forgery is not a recent phenomenon; it got its start long ago.

An expert opinion report can often facilitate a quicker resolve in most all legal cases. Finally, your services were promptly and timely performed at a most reasonable charge considering all the work you have done.

Learn from expert document examiner, Bob Baier, what criminals may not realize when they try to forge a check. You were the least expensive of anyone I could find. All these questions and more can be answered by simply calling one of the above experts. I have enjoyed working with you and hope to do so again in the future.

Call Today for a Consultation. Questioned handwriting cases are turned around in a very timely manner, once all documentation has been rendered for an examination.

Judicial matters can be complicated, our experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. As a trial attorney of 18 years I would not hesitate to utilize her services again.

Peterson and her staff will be sure to handle your case with the utmost quality and integrity within the industry. Counsellors at Law You have worked on some high profile cases: Frequently Asked Questions we will answer when you call.

Contact Bob Baier now. If you are an attorney, you will appreciate the candid communication and professionalism you will receive. Why should I hire one of the above recommended experts? Thanks a million again and again! We have found that her professionalism and diligence in seeking the truth over questioned documents goes beyond others that I have dealt with before.

You were excellent in every aspect. I deal with people who have forgery problems every day. Peterson to use her expertise in examining handwriting samples. How much does a forensic document examiner charge to render an opinion? For four long years the plaintiff made my life miserable and with your very professional help we did win.

Call one of the forensic document examiner above today. Thanks to you the truth will prevail. I will highly recommend you to anyone with a forgery problem.

Forensic Handwriting Expert, CFDE

Clients that have previously engaged the services of Forensic Document Investigations, speak very highly of the professionalism that was shown to them and their questioned signature case. Your testimony in court was credible and persuasive. I once again thank you for your tremendous service and would recommend you to anyone.

Questions about a document? Can I just fax the handwriting sample in, or must you have the originals? I was surprised at how quickly I received your verbal opinion.Forensic Document Investigations.

New York Handwriting Expert Witnesses

Independent, Court Qualified Forensic Document Examiner Handwriting Expert in Tennessee. Services available to all states. Court approved Handwriting Analysis professional and Forensic Document Examiner in Tennessee.

Serving all states. Home; New York Times, Reader's Digest, Mtv. New York Handwriting Expert Witnesses. New York Documents & Handwriting Expert Witness Listings.

Board Certified Forensic Handwriting Analysis and Document Examination Experts

Applied Forensics is a state of art laboratory of certified Forensic Document Examiners with offices in New York, Washington, DC, Boston, Connecticut and Florida. Document examinations are provided in the following areas: handwriting.

Staten Island, NY Forensic Handwriting Analysis. About Search Results. From Business: East Coast Forensics is a New York based forensic investigation and consulting firm which is Bonded and Licensed by the New York. The Scientific Foundation for Handwriting Analysis The most famous of these cases was the kidnapping of Peter Weinberger, a one-month-old baby from Long Island, New York.

Examiners compared two ransom notes left by the kidnapper with handwriting specimens maintained by the New York State Motor Vehicle Bureau and various. New York Handwriting Expert Certified Forensic Document Examiner.

Dear Client, My office is fast, efficient, and thorough. The Questioned Document unit at the FBI Laboratory is best known for handwriting analysis, but that’s just one of many types of exams it performs. Forensic Expert Document Examiner.

We provide one complete. If you need to hire the best forensic handwriting experts on your side? We can help. New York City, New York (Entire East Coast) H.S.I is part of the network of professional handwriting analysis, handwriting experts, document examination, and forgery websites created and managed.

Forensic handwriting analysis new york
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