Honors thesis anthropology

Honors Program

Here is a summary of the requirements you need to fulfill to complete the program: Early March Schedule a date before mid-April for your oral defense with your committee. This is a strict rule, but you are welcome to seek advice and mentoring from anywhere.

Upon successful completion of the paper and examination, the advisor will certify the student for Honors. Extensions to the normal honors schedule are possible for example, to incorporate a study-abroad trip into your project but these must be approved and endorsed in writing by Honors thesis anthropology advisor and permission granted by the Honors Coordinator.

If appropriate, the student may receive as many as three 3 hours for academic work done in support of the honors project. You must discuss with your adviser if this option suits your project and to determine which journal would suit your research. Students are also taught how to turn their theses into brief presentations for both specialized and broader audiences.

Original research as part of the Honors Thesis; Successful completion of Honors Compacts in at least two upper-division Anthropology courses; Leadership, including, for example: For example, if your project requires fieldwork then you might take a relatively high number of credits for the quarter when you do the fieldwork to reflect your time invested on the project during that time.

Students will hear guest presentations from honors students completing their projects to get direct insights into the research process. Students should complete an application provided by the department, including a personal statement addressed to the chair of the department explaining why they seek honors in the field.

Begin the process of regular communication with your advisor, and think about additional members to serve on your Thesis Committee see below. More Information Who do I speak to for more information? Students should also solicit a letter from one Anthropology Department faculty member supporting their application.

Completed applications will be reviewed by faculty. Have met with a potential faculty adviser to support your application to the Honors Program. You must complete ANTH with a grade of 3.

How do I write an honors thesis? Summer following Junior Year Students often begin collecting their thesis data and reading literature related to their topics. Prepare the thesis as a research paper written in American Anthropologist style.

The thesis defense occurs. A grade of 3. Because of the diversity of topics, not all faculty may be suitable for your project.Non-thesis honors is not available to students doing a combined concentration in Archaeology and Social Anthropology.

These students may pursue honors via the thesis track of the program that best fits the primary orientation of their thesis project.

Students wishing to graduate with departmental honors in anthropology must have a cumulative grade-point average of at least with a minimum GPA in anthropology for cum laude ( for magna cum laude and for suma cum laude), as well as prepare an honors thesis of high quality.

As a continuation of this research and coursework, honors students are also required to register for L48 in the spring, although only one of the two honors courses can count for the Anthropology major.

Adjustments to the registration requirement may be considered on a case by case basis. Honors students completing their theses present the results of their research for one another, as well as students entering the honors program and currently enrolled in ANTH This class is run concurrently with ANTH View Anthropology Honors Theses.

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Honors in Anthropology

Biogeographic History of the Mulatta-Group Macaque as Inferred From Mitochondrial. The Honors Program in Anthropology encourages students to engage in the subject more intensely and engage in significant original research while undergraduates.

Because Anthropology is a field and laboratory science, students should seek opportunities, in consultation with their faculty advisor(s), to conduct or participate in original research.

Honors thesis anthropology
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