Interventional radiology pictorial essay

Directed and random biopsies of the prostate: Improper manipulation of experiments to obtain biased results, deceptive statistical or analytical manipulations, or improper reporting of results. The order of naming the contributors should be based on the relative contribution of the individual included for authorship credit toward the study itself and the writing of the manuscript.

Ethics Studies conducted must adhere to and be in accordance with The Code of Ethics of the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki for experiments involving humans https: In particular, contributors should avoid making statements on economic benefits and costs unless their manuscript includes economic data and analyses.

Violations of regulations and laws involving the use of funds, care of animals, human subjects, investigational drugs, recombinant products, new devices, or radioactive, biologic, or chemical materials. They are cited within parenthesis in the text. The details have to be mentioned in the Acknowledgments section.

Risk assessment of nickel carcinogenicity and occupational lung cancer.

Journal of Clinical Interventional Radiology ISVIR

Authorship credit should be based only on substantial contributions to any of the three components mentioned below: Content of the final manuscript including changes suggested by the Editor or reviewer of the manuscript are the responsibility of the corresponding author. When data are summarized in the Results section, give numeric results not only as derivatives for example, percentages but also as the absolute numbers from which the derivatives were calculated, and specify the statistical methods used to analyze them.

The content should not have any subheadings. Manuscripts accepted for publication are copy-edited for grammar, punctuation, print style, and format. The Editorial Process Manuscripts are subjected to an unbiased blinded peer review process. Manuscripts that are found suitable for publication in the American Journal of Interventional Radiology are sent for blind review.

Include what this study adds to the available evidence, effects on patient care and health policy etc. Final approval of the version to be published.

American Journal of Interventional Radiology

Transverse sinus stenosis is now an important treatable entity in select cases of IIH. The intent and effect of plagiarism is to mislead the reader as to the contributions of the plagiarizer. For the purposes of completeness, specific patients outside our initial cohort with unique educational imaging features that also underwent segmentectomy were included in this pictorial essay.

Improving palliative care for cancer [monograph on the Internet]. The aim of this comprehensive review is to provide an illustrative summary of the most relevant imaging findings encountered after radiation segmentectomy.

For example IVC filter C. Terminology To understand IIH as an entity, few terminology and issues have evolved and are summarised in Table 1. Any limitations on the materials or subjects and methods must be included.

AB - Transarterial radioembolization is a novel therapy that has gained rapid clinical acceptance for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma HCC. The author is expected to return the corrected proofs within three days. However imaging markers have been described with patients with IIH at the orbit, sella and cerebral venous system.

When data are summarized in the Result section, specify the statistical methods used to analyze them. Drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content; and 3.

Imaging and interventions in idiopathic intracranial hypertension: A pictorial essay

For an Original Research article, the abstract should be divided into four sections: Introduction All articles need an Introduction that describes the objective of the investigation of not more than words.

An explanation on how the disease was confirmed and the controls used must be included, as well as the details of the data obtained and how it was analyzed. We wish to reiterate the characteristic imaging features of this poorly understood disease and also emphasise that stenting of the transverse sinus in select cases of IIH is an efficacious option.

Adjustments such as changes to settings must be disclosed in the figure legend. Aaron J et al. List the first six contributors followed by et al in all references.

Keywords Provide up to five keywords at the end of the abstract for all types of articles except for Letters to the Editor and Replies. Author Responsibility The journal accepts only original work that has not been published elsewhere. Reference numbers are typed as superscripts, enclosed by square brackets, after the punctuation mark at the end of the line.CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology (CVIR) as well as review articles, pictorial essays, editorials, and special invited submissions in the field of vascular and interventional radiology.

Beside the communication of the latest research results in this field, it is also the aim of CVIR to support continuous medical education. Interventional Radiology and Diagnostic Interventional Radiology and Official Journal of the Turkish Society of Radiology Electronic publication ahead of print available at cal note, and pictorial essay).

Enter the key words. Enter a cover letter. Upload your manuscript in the following manner. Interventional Radiology; Leadership & Management; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Pictorial Essay of CT and Cholangiographic Findings.

Previous. Next. EDUCATION EXHIBIT Free Access. Cholangiocarcinoma: Pictorial Essay of CT and Cholangiographic Findings. Joon Koo Han, Byung Ihn Choi, Ah Young Kim, Su Kyung An. nterventional Radiology publishes original manuscripts dealing with clinical investigations, basic research and case reports in all aspects of interventional radiology, in English.

The journal welcomes submission of original research, technical notes, case reports, review articles and pictorial essays.

In this pictorial essay, after a brief description of current principles for liver resection, therapeutic intervention as well as liver transplantation, we report some common and unusual post interventional MDCT findings and complications. American Journal of Interventional Radiology is a peer-reviewed international journal founded by highly reputed interventional radiologists and researchers from across the globe.

Pictorial essay Case series Patient Care, Practice Management and Education Letter to the Editor.

Interventional radiology pictorial essay
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