Limitation of a computer

We cant teach it to think morally or ethically.

Limitations of a Computer System

The only thing that limits a computer is the components inside of it. For example, when you are taught how to solve a problem and it same type of problem is given to you to solve, then you can do it because you have learned how to Limitation of a computer the problem.

It does not have the selfanalysis feature of the human brain. No learning power Computer has no learning power.

What are the limitations of computers?

Programs can be designed for a computer to arrive at decisions. Would you like to merge this question into it? Computers are a man-made machine and it only does things that the human programs it to do, but in a more efficient and faster way.

They can only perform or process what they are programmed to perform. Computers are capable of performing all levels of tasks- simple or complex. In computer language, this is known as GIGO garbage in garbage out.

Characteristics and Limitations Article shared by: One limitation on computers is that they have a finite amount of memory and processing power, unlike humans. That is, adding two numbers is considered as one operation.

A major limitation of the computer is that it only performs tasksas per its pre-programmed instructions. Limitations of computer systems? Human can feel, think and caring but a computer machine itself can not. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

How much memory it has. They cannot conceive of infinity. Unless you have immense amounts of text that must be translated by tomorrow, a human is still going to do a better job.

A computer cannot generate information on its own. They are unaware of context and incapable to applying it. They work as per stored instructions.

High-speed processing by a computer is accompanied by high-accuracy results.

Computer System: Characteristics and Limitations

A human mind can think randomly which a computer machine can not. The time taken by a computer to perform a particular task is far less than that taken by than a human being. The other limitation isthat the computer cannot think by itself. One of the limitations of a computer is that they have to beprogrammed by human beings to function.

It only runs on the instructions given to it by the humanware. The quick service we expect at the bank, at the grocery store, on the stock exchange, and on the Internet are dependent on the speed of computers.

Algorithms are designed by humans to make a computer perform a special task. The professional machine translation tools are quite expensive — and yet carry all of the limitations just discussed. Speed is the amount of time taken by the computer in accomplishing a task of an operation.

The capability to store and retrieve volumes of data is at the core of the Information Age. Computers are getting faster all the time.

What Are the Capabilities and Limitations of a Computer?

A decision consists of two steps, namely:Aug 31,  · The computer can outperform human beings in speed, memory and accuracy but still the computer has limitations. There are following limitations of a computer.

Programmed by human.

6 Limitations of Computer Translation

Computer has done this and that. Actually this is not the computer which has done this but the user. Despite its various features, a computer does have the following limitations: a.

No Self Intelligence Today, a computer is able to do a work which is impossible for man. Computers are used to do risky and dangerous work and where sharp actually is needed. Computer limitations and capabilities are purely controlled by programming, user input and current advances in computer technology that limit hardware.

The main limit to computers is that user input is needed for the performance of tasks because computers are not self-actualizing. Computers are getting faster all the time.

When you surf to Google Translate and type in a sentence, the translation comes immediately! And yet you lose more time than you gain when you have to go over every output from the. A computer’s main limitation is its programming which is limited by the capabilities the hardware possesses.

Physical limitations of a computer are the amount of RAM and storage it can access, the type and speed of the CPU and other low level system devices. A computer system is better than human beings in a way that it possesses the following capabilities: (i) Speed: Speed is the amount of time taken by the computer in accomplishing a task of an operation.

Limitation of a computer
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