Machiavelli and gandhi essay

For him, violence was allowed so long as it is imposed as a means to an end which is the protection of the welfare Machiavelli and gandhi essay the people. A view that human nature represents our primitive side which arises in us because of the biological need of survival from the life, it constantly triggers the fear of death.

Those who follow the first method can remedy their condition with God and with men He is acquisitive, shortsighted and imitative. Violence is part and parcel of governance which must be imposed in view of its necessity to maintain order within the society.

On the other hand, Machiavelli can be considered an immoral leader.

Comparison Of Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, and Machiavelli

Conclusion Based on the comparison between Gandhi and Machiavelli on the issue of leadership, morality and violence, it can be said that the two great thinkers have substantial differences in their philosophies.

However, it does mean that King did not have to worry, for example, that the U. But is this really true? According to Machiavelli, political leaders should not have second thoughts especially when there is a need to employ violence and cruelty.

On Violence For Gandhi, the imposition of violence and passage of unjust laws are not acceptable. And when you attack somebody, slowly your heart becomes harder and harder because of that, you start enjoying attacking.

After all, he was an eminently practical political man. On Leadership In the discussion about leadership, the first thing that comes to mind is the leaders.

He used his gift of tongue and articulateness to convince the Indian society to unite and seek independence.

Thus, for him use of violence is not justifiable under any circumstances. Of course, this does not mean that British officers did not sometimes kill Indians with impunity or that blacks were not lynched by Klan members.

He stressed the importance of use of violence to maintain control over the people and to destroy the enemy.

Gandhi vs Machiavelli

In both cases, these two men who advocated peaceful resistance knew that their adversaries - many of whom were racist, some of whom were willing to use force - were nonetheless in most cases restrained by ideals of civilized behavior. While most people are familiar with the adjective "machiavellian", very few are Machiavelli did also argue that the same standards of morality cannot be applied to rulers as to those that are ruled because the conditions of their lives and the extent of their responsibilities are so different from each other that a single set of standards for behavior cannot obtain.In one of the masterpiece book about politics The Prince, Machiavelli defined the notion of politics as war and politics form an organic whole while war is a political instrument, politics itself is warlike activity.

Machiavelli and Gandhi Essay Words | 4 Pages Ahimsa is a concept that was practiced by political and ideological leader Mohandas Gandhi; a concept that he used to promote the use of non-violent tactics and passive resistance against colonial rule in India.

Mahatma Gandhi is the exact opposite of Machiavelli's ideal leader in other words, his ideal prince. For instance Machiavelli feels that military preparations and experiences are very important to maintain a prince's power.

Comparison Of Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, and Machiavelli It is easy to think that Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi are right in their counsels to use power as justly and compassionately as possible and to dismiss the writings of Machiavelli as a power-hungry, dangerous fanatic.

A Comparison of Gandhi and Machiavelli essays and term papers available at, the largest free essay community. Mauri Kelly Martin Social and Political Philosophy 3/16/ Machiavelli Vs. Gandhi The views of Machiavelli and Gandhi are both on completely different ends of the spectrum.

While Gandhi is all about non-violence, History Essay%(1).

Machiavelli and gandhi essay
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