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During the averaging period and after the end of the averaging period, J. Corporate Trust Administration; provided, however, that payment of interest may be Microsoft prospectus at our option by check mailed to the registered holder on the record date at such address as shall appear in the security register or by wire transfer of immediately available funds to an account specified in writing by such holder to us and the trustee prior to the relevant record date.

In these cases, Clearstream or Euroclear will Microsoft prospectus its U. We will not issue certificated securities to you for the notes you purchase, except in the limited circumstances described below.

These sales could have the effect of decreasing the market price of our common stock. These additional shares, together with the shares J. During the election and averaging periods and after the end of the averaging period, J. Accordingly, the trustee, any paying agent and we will have no direct responsibility or liability to pay amounts due on a global security to you or any other Microsoft prospectus owners in that global security.

If any interest payment date falls on a day that is not a business day, the interest payment will be made on the next succeeding business Microsoft prospectus, and we will not be liable for any additional interest as a result of the delay in payment. As a result, J. Any redemption notices will be sent by us directly to DTC, which will, in turn, inform the direct participants or the indirect participantswhich will then contact you as a beneficial holder.

Use of proceeds While we will not receive any proceeds from the sale of the shares of common stock covered by this prospectus, we will be paid the purchase price of the options acquired by JP Morgan under the Stock Option Transfer Program.

When a Clearstream or Euroclear participant wishes to transfer notes to a DTC participant, the seller will be required to send instructions to Clearstream or Euroclear through a participant at least one business day prior to settlement.

You should instead receive these from your direct or indirect participant. The notes will not be redeemable prior to maturity and will not benefit from any sinking fund. Clearstream and Euroclear will record the ownership interests of their participants in much the same way as DTC, and DTC will record the total ownership of each of the U.

Clearstream or Euroclear, as the case may be, will instruct its U. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this prospectus supplement or the accompanying prospectus, so long as the notes are in book-entry form, we will make payments of principal and interest through the trustee to DTC.

Additional information related to the plan of distribution may be provided in one or more supplemental prospectuses.

You should read this prospectus and any applicable supplemental prospectus supplement carefully before you invest. We will be obligated to make the payments described above to employees who transferred options. If the global securities are exchanged for certificated securities, the trustee will keep the registration books for the notes at its corporate trust office and follow customary practices and procedures regarding those certificated securities.

Beneficial interests in a global security will be shown on, and transfers of beneficial interests in the global securities will be made only through, records maintained by DTC and its participants.

DTC, its nominee and their successors may, however, transfer a global security as a whole to one another, and these transfers are required to be recorded on our records or a register to be maintained by the trustee.

Although DTC, Clearstream and Euroclear have agreed to the procedures described below in order to facilitate transfers, they are under no obligation to perform these procedures, and these procedures may be modified or discontinued at any time.

Interest on the notes will be computed on the basis of a day year composed of twelve day months.

Microsoft Prospectus

DTC will have no knowledge of your individual ownership of the notes. Each global security will be issued to DTC, which will keep a computerized record of its participants whose clients have purchased and beneficially own notes of a particular series.

Payments to you will be the responsibility of the participants and not of DTC, the trustee or our company.The Microsoft prospectus was not without controversy. The IRS was threatening to charge Microsoft a $30, personal holding company (PHC) tax.

(PHC tax is intended to prevent individuals from setting up a corporation simply to avoid taxes.). This prospectus covers sales of up to , shares of our common stock that may be offered and sold from time to time by J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. in connection with a Stock Option Transfer Program established by Microsoft and JP Morgan Chase Bank (“JP Morgan”) and described in this prospectus under the headings “Background and.

PROSPECTUS. Microsoft Corporation.

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Debt Securities. We may, from time to time, offer to sell debt securities in one or more offerings. This prospectus describes some of the general terms and conditions that may apply to these securities. We will provide the specific terms and conditions of these securities in prospectus supplements to this.

Aug 01,  · Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Stock into Common Stock on the date of this Prospectus. The Company Microsoft designs, develops, markets, and supports a product line of systems and applications microcomputer software for business and professional use.

The Microsoft Software Product Line. Microsoft SEC Filings Recent quarterly and annual filings are available from this web site in Microsoft Word format. Expanded and historical information is available from a third-party web site.*.

Microsoft prospectus
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