Movie reaction paper and the band

Differentiate between the screen writing, the cinematography and the acting. The AIDS epidemic did not have to happen. Examine punctuation, spelling and format for consistency since mechanical errors make your ideas more difficult to understand.

This is a horrifying thought, just imagining it can seem as though it was reality. I have seen this happen in X-files, and other television shows, but in those cases it is related to extra-terrestrial matter.

For example, one woman in the movie began to become sick after a blood transfusion. Compare the novel to the film in terms of story and style, and how the portrayal of characters met your expectations or surprised you.

Even though it is less than one percent of the total world population, it is still a growing number. How are the two different? But it turned out that that was the first patient to suffer the HIV virus. Write about how the themes and motifs come across in the course of the movie. She always thought that it was due to surgical problems, but actually she had contracted AIDS and the doctors knew but didn t do anything about it.

Write in a film class about how you think the production elements worked to tell the story.

AIDS/ And The Band Played On term paper 8730

What about the film was predictable or surprising? Instead of ignoring the matter, they could have taken early precautions instead of waiting until the disease was virtually impossible to stop.

Give your opinion of how the form impacted the story -- does the story work better as a book or a movie? This also caused panic because, even though the government knew AIDS was spreading around they did not do anything about it.

It frightens me because at the present moment, there could be an antidote for the AIDS virus, but because it is not scientifically proven to work it is therefore not legal to be sold. But what it would do is lower the chances for the virus to spread more.

The statistical analysis also frightens me, By the year more than 40 million people will have AIDS. Review your essay after it is completed to be sure you have included enough detail to explain your thinking and your language is clear.

Even when the government knew that there was a serious disease that was going to spread, they did not do anything about it.

The world was not prepared to handle such a contagious plague. Write about characterization and dialogue, especially if you are watching a film version of a novel. Treat the film as literature in an English class. If the government had taken these precautions, it wouldn t guarantee the disease being controlled.

Determine what elements to include. Politics played a tremendous role in the movie. Therefore, people started to believe that only the homosexuals would get the AIDS and blamed them for the cause of the disease. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.

The public was not in fear until some people who were not homosexuals contracted the disease. If this situation was taken as an important matter, they could have taken that patient to a special institute so that the patient would not be capable of transmitting the disease.

How to Write a Reaction Paper About a Movie

Throughout this movie, it illustrates different points, such as the beginning of HIV, the misconceptions it gave, and the panic it aroused amongst doctors and the common people. Maybe this could be the virus that is going to wipe out the entire human civilization just like the dinosaurs being wiped out by a meteor.

Fears and misconceptions regarding AIDS began when only the homosexual community contracted it. Did this meet your expectations, based on your knowledge of history, or did it surprise you?

Select the appropriate focus for your paper. Many were also deceived by the government s actions. Talk about how the historical period is portrayed. It was at this time, that the public s attitude shifted into the fear that anyone was able to have AIDS; it was a sexually transmitted disease.

The reason for this is because they needed scientific evidence that the virus was deadly. Reaction papers are used to ensure that students understand the material and see how it fits within the context of the course in which it was shown. How could it have been better or worse? Essays, term papers, research papers related:Films are often used as teaching tools to provide variety of media or an alternate perspective.

Reaction papers are used to ensure that students understand the material and see how it fits within the context of the course in which it was shown.

Unless it is part of the assignment, you don't need to give a plot summary. HIV: And the Band Played On Reflection (Due Wed. 4/7/) 4/3/ "And The Band Played on" was an interesting documentary movie, sure wish we could have finished watching it to its entirety.

However, it did cover most of the important topics, Politics, people, and the Aids epidemic. His reaction tells me that society still has a. This is a paper that clearly explains your reaction to a movie or film.

It can be like a review based on the fact that your reaction goes ahead to involve evaluation, judgement and a bit of analysis. Your reaction will further focus on a specific character, scene, film technique and relationship.

Herrera 1 Reaction Paper: And the Band Played On From beginning to end, And the Band Played On is a film which evokes strong emotions due to its crystal-clear message of portraying the greed and lack of action, both the government and those in powerful health-related positions had when it came to dealing with AIDS%(1).

Marvin Santos Introso – EL Reaction Paper “And the band played on” was a story of the discovery of the. AIDS virus. From the early days in when numerous San Francisco gays began dying from unknown causes, to the identification of the HIV virus.5/5(1).

Below is a free excerpt of "The Band Played on Reaction Paper" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The movie “And the Band Played On” tells about the origin of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) virus in the United States/5(1).

Movie reaction paper and the band
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