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Participate in 5 exchanges in a simulated conversation 20 seconds for each response. Be familiar with patterns across Spanish-speaking countries in attitudes, values, and practices. Refer to both sides of the issue, but clearly focus on one — this will strengthen your argument.

Bring in your opinion: These are all the things that will get you to a passing grade on the exam. However, keep in mind that graders are looking to check off the three sources as one element of a good essay.

Some helpful ones to keep in mind: They come to my class to learn how to write formally in Spanish, etc. On the written persuasive essay, your students will benefit from using a direct quote from one of the sources.

The role of the family?

They should also know what it takes to get a 5 on each component of the free-response sections, so that they can plan accordingly. You will have access to the print sources and any notes you may take on the audio during the entire minute writing period.

You will respond to questions about main ideas and supporting details. What do the graders look for? So, take steps to avoid this problem. Each portion of the prompt will have instructions with one or two tasks to complete — make sure you complete each one!

Do you have an awesome tip? A at Bloomington High School North. Eliminating English from the classroom also reinforces sentence structure in Spanish, which is often a weak point for non-native Spanish speakers.

AP Spanish Exam Success: 8 Essential Tips to Ensure Your Students Pass with Flying Colors

Exam questions assess all themes outlined in the course and exam description. Do we need to say it again? All of the important prep work should have already been done throughout the year.

These are the false cognates and obvious English structures like placing adjectives before nouns that are dead-giveaway signs of English translation. They rely on excellent study habits beginning from day one of class, a great resource in their AP Spanish teacher, and sources like this list of exam tips.

They are expected to explain how the cultural topic relates to their own community and include supporting details, specific examples, and other relevant information to substantiate their explanation.

The experts back us up on this one! I think the most important advice that I give my students year after year is to not wear themselves out too much during the test.

Know the three cultural Ps: Then, use the sources as evidence to support your position. Before we start, take note that some of these tips are best applied at different times of the year. But can you use them in context?

The Ultimate List of AP Spanish Language and Culture Tips

Students are expected to demonstrate their ability to integrate their reading, listening, and writing skills. Pencil for notes — pen for text.

But every year more thanstudents take the test with almost half receiving a score of 4 or 5. But make sure you follow them!Feb 26,  · I find the AP scoring guides that are found in the AP course description to be less than student friendly, so I created these formats for student use.

Scoring guides in grid form: Interpersonal Writing Rubric AP Presentational Writing Rubric AP Interpersonal Speaking Rubric AP Presentational Speaking Rubric AP Self and peer evaluation checklists: AP.

Presentational Writing. Note: Student samples are quoted verbatim and may contain errors. Overview. This question is an example of the presentational mode of writing and a task that integrates the skills of reading, listening and writing.

The intent of the question was to assess students’ abilities to interpret and synthesize different sources. Presentational Writing: Persuasive Essay (1 prompt) Interpersonal Speaking: Simulated Conversation AP Practice Exams: Online Practice Test.

Released Practic e Exam. Writing Skills.

AP Spanish Writing Skills: Presentational Writing, Part I

These questions do not reflect the redesigned AP Spanish Language Exam administered for the first time in Maybut the question types are the same. Preparing for the AP Spanish Language Exam. Class Documents.

Email me: Presentational Writing Students will be assessed on their ability to interpret information from multiple sources and compose an essay. The essays will vary in nature as descriptive, expository, or persuasive.

Students will be presented with an audio and. The AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam assesses students' proficiencies in the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication.

Exam questions assess all themes outlined in the course and exam description. AP Latin; AP Spanish Language and Culture; AP Spanish Literature and Culture; Course Overview; Course Details; Presentational Writing: Write a persuasive essay based on three sources, including an article, a table or graphic, and a related audio source (played twice), that present different viewpoints on a topic (~55 minutes total:

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Presentational writing ap spanish
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