Reagan and the star wars essay

President Reagan also increased government spending on defense, even though he had campaigned against increased spending. During his presidency, the US also sent peacekeeping forces to Lebanon and bombed the terrorist-supporting country of Libya.

Reagan decided to run for Governor of California in and defeated his opponent Pat Brown. Inthe people elected President Reagan to serve a second term in the White House.

Reagan based his domestic policy on the principles of reducing the size and role of the federal government and "Reaganomics," one of the popular terms given to his economic policies, which were based on the supply-side theories of economist Arthur Laffer.

Reagan finished school there and graduated from his high school with athletic and extracurricular honors. During the Republican primary race, Bush referred to this theory as voodoo economics because he—like many others—believed these policies would never work in real life.

Inwork was difficult to find because of the Depression; however, Reagan kept his spirits up.

#FBF: Ronald Reagan and Star Wars

Then, in August of the same year, Reagan fired 13, air-traffic control tower workers throughout the country when they refused to follow his order and return to work from their strike. In Des Moines, Reagan became a sportscaster and broadcasted the local university football games as well as the Chicago Cubs games from Wrigley Field.

Inhe agreed to testify in one of the many investigations looking into the Iran-Contra scandal, but his testimony was quickly dismissed when investigators realized that Reagan had trouble clearly remembering events that occurred during his administrations.

It was also during this time that Reagan switched political parties, from Democrat to Republican. Things ended up going well for both America and the Rebel Alliance back in the s.

He challenged incumbent President Gerald Ford in the Republican primaries, and lost. Because he was such a success on the airwaves, he was paid well and became very popular. Reagan later married actress Nancy Davis in In between developments on current US-Russia relations, Star Wars fans today await the finale of the current trilogy.

Reagan moved to Los Angeles in with the hopes of becoming an actor in Hollywood. At the time Reagan was delivering these speeches, America was awaiting the third film in the original Star Wars trilogy. He defeated Bush, and then offered him the vice presidential position on the Republican ticket.InPresident Reagan gave a speech in which he called for the development of a missile-defense system.

The project was called the Strategic Defense Initiative, but Democrats and their media cheerleaders mocked it as “Star Wars,” its announcement coming, as it did, shortly after Reagan’s equally detested “Evil Empire” speech.

The so-called "Star Wars" initiative was launched by President Reagan inbut the idea of a shield against nuclear attack had been developed three years earlier by the policy research operation of Reagan's election campaign. Reagan spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the military, weapons (both conventional and nuclear), technology, and research.

His pet project, SDI or Star Wars, had projected costs of over $1 trillion alone, although the project was eventually scrapped. May 04,  · Friday, May 4, is what is unofficially known as Star Wars Day. For those of you who (or whose parents) didn't have a hard time finding a date in high school, it's Star Wars Day because in the Star.

Reagan’s “Morning in America” campaign dovetailed perfectly with the sense of nostalgic optimism that Star Wars stood for. Advertisement As that Washington Post article makes clear, Americans were tired of feeling bad about themselves, and sick of defeatism, and Star Wars was a gateway drug to a new triumphalism.

Watch video · Reagan’s purpose for the Star Wars program was very different. During a time when nuclear war was an ever-present concern, the Strategic Defense Initiative was going to be a missile defense.

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Reagan and the star wars essay
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