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Yet the researcher could not help but wonder why there were no other materials with similar qualities that could be used, and which clearly posed no danger. Breiner, who wrote Whole Body Dentistry.

Excerpt from Term Paper: That is the main reason behind this paper - there is controversy, and until there has been information provided and examined it is hard to come to a conclusion about the use of amalgam in dental fillings.

As dental amalgam is still widely used therefore dental amalgam waste due to its amount and toxicity may cause severe environment and health problems. In order to make sure that the dental amalgam waste does not harm the environment it is necessary to follow five basic recycling steps.

An amalgam is simply defined as "a dental filling material that is used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay," FDA, After reading these two articles, the researcher first located an article in the journal of Pediatrics a peer-reviewed journal available for public access on the World Wide Web cited in the Woods piece discussing different levels of environmental sensitivity in different individuals.

The calculation goes as follows: The point is also made by Voynick that other countries are reevaluating the efficacy and safety of mercury-based amalgams for dental applications. By placing a greater emphasis on mercury and the sensitivity to it that might be seen in very young children and in those who are more sensitive to heavy metals, it will be easier to make a better determination as to the safety of amalgam.

The position statement from the ADA indicates that besides "rare instances of local side effects of allergenic reactions, the small amount of mercury released from amalgam restorations, especially during replacement and removal, has not been shown to cause any.

The toxicology of mercury recognizes that its effects on the body depend greatly on the chemical species involved, and the route of exposure.

Is confidentiality as important to you as the high quality of the product? It is unique in that mercury is liquid at room temperature, unlike other metals such as gold.

While this is a serious issue, there is still no definitive conclusion as to the danger levels of dental amalgams. Let us know if you need any revisions and we will do it for you. Taking a day and reviewing many of these websites is very enlightening.

No one now disputes that dental amalgam releases metallic mercury into its environment at some rate, and it will be interesting to briefly summarize some of the evidence for that exposure. After thirty days, it was sacrificed. A report from Bradbard notes that despite the mercury content, dental amalgam has a long track record of use.

One of the causes of concern about amalgams is that they contain mercury, which is a known toxin when introduced into the human body. Uncertainty factors are not decided by hard and fast rules, but by policy — how cautious the regulatory agency wants to be, and how confident they are in the data.

Therefore the only way to recycle dental amalgam waste is to keep it away from any other types of waste. Therefore, many people prefer to use materials other than mercury in their fillings.

Experts call for a total ban on mercury,p. What Kind of Metal is in Dental Amalgam? Step number two positions dental amalgam as mix that is in constant contact with the body fluids of a human organism, therefore may be potentially dangerous for health if used without protective equipment such as masks, gloves and other.

Research Paper on Dental Amalgam

Using exposure-effect data and uncertainty factors in line with those discussed above, they proposed for Canada an REL for mercury vapor of 0. Reproductive and developmental data. The labeling controls were meant to remind dentists that they would be handling a device that contains mercury, but there was no mandate to pass that information on to patients.

Despite the coloration, however, these fillings are not silver and contain many other types of chemicals, including mercury. Some new composite materials can be the color of the surrounding tooth.

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The researcher concluded, based on the research conducted, that mercury is a preferred material in dental fillings precisely for its unique chemical properties. According to Woods et al. They did not consider the uncertainty in that number as it would apply to the whole population, including children, who would be exposed 24 hours, seven days a week.

In addition to using the standard search engine, it is also valuable to use Google Scholar to collect information.

Dental Amalgam&nbspResearch Paper

Mercury was released under these conditions at a rate of 4. An examination of this extended literature can shed some light on the assumptions that dentistry has made about amalgam safety, and can help explain why some dentists have persistently objected to the use of amalgam in restorative dentistry.

These issues were also the focus of a study by Woods, Martin and Leroux who report, "Of particular public health concern has been possible neurologic impairment associated with prolonged exposure to elemental mercury vapor" p.

Excerpt from Research Paper: The one that has had the most influence on discussions within the dental community was authored by H. These exposures are either of unknown quantity, or are assumed to be of much lesser magnitude than oral inhalation, so the great bulk of research on amalgam mercury has concentrated there.

The article was from Environmental Health Perspectives and was narrated primarily from a health-related perspective rather than from the perspective of the dental industry.

Perhaps the mercury supply companies are interested in recouping their losses due to the stricter regulations of mercury in products like paint and batteries EPA, Addendum to the Dental Amalgam White Paper: Response to Joint Advisory Panel Comments and Recommendations peer‐reviewed scientific research articles and case studies) considered in the.

The conclusion that emerges from this research is that more research needs to be done on different levels of sensitivity to mercury in children, especially young children, and that there is a pattern among a series of independent small studies indicating that mercury exposure to infants from maternal dental amalgams can be potentially harmful.

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Research paper dental amalgam
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