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I mean, come on A cute, modern twist on a timeless classic Besides her good looks and sweet personality, Sam feels ostracized from the rest of the school with the exception of her friend Carter Byrd. Usually those types of movies are nauseating and tedious.

SO unbelievably, disgustingly predictable. Every cheap tween movie has that. Some girls wear skimpy clothing, a few boys are seen only in towels, and Fiona whips quickly out of a tanning booth and into a towel nudity is suggested rather than seen.

A Cinderella Story tells a tale told too many times before. Girls -- and some boys -- fawn all over teen singer Joey Parker; one girl kisses him in the school hallway, another asks him if he wants to make out, and others rub up against him and embarrass themselves to get his attention.

Sadly, Sam must return to her job before midnight, and as she flees the ball, she loses her cell phone. You can chat with her on Twitter: How very 21st century. This is an aspirational vision of life. One little quibble is the dental piece that the actress utilizes. It is love and destiny as we wish they looked and felt; a glittering fantasy meant to sooth the young and old alike.

A lot or a little? Be yourself without artifice. Positive Messages Not the helpless heroine message you usually get from Cinderella stories. Was this review helpful? Her only other companion is a cyber boyfriend. Cartoonish action includes lots of clumsy falls, a careening car, and some stepsister brawls.

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The stepmother and stepsisters are overly done. And do it all for its own reward. Director Kenneth Branagh utilizes the previous depictions of Cinderella as a framework and then brings the story to vivid life by crafting a bright, whimsical dreamscape where even the darker aspects of the tale are softened by magic and optimism.

The director maintains a harmony between honoring the classic Disney rendition and grounding the film just enough for it to work with a modern audience.

She is active in her own life in that she elects to be forgiving and understanding, when it would be so much easier to steel herself and become as hardened as her stepmother.

Sign in to vote. Spoilers This is your ordinary Hilary Duff movie. For a parent who ends up being forced to see it, that alone is a redeeming quality. It is a cute movie. Normal, cute, predictable, plot with a normal, cute, predictable ending, I guess. Popularity Austin Ames Murray. When they meet for the first time at the Halloween Dance, she is surprised when her Prince Charming turns out to be Mr.

Lilly James as Cinderella or Ella and Richard Madden as Prince Charming or Kit are given the herculean task of selling the idea that two people can fall profoundly in love after one brief meeting, and that each of them is impossibly pure of heart.

A Cinderella Story

The contemporary pop-psychology view on the fairytale gave us the Cinderella complex - the counter to the Peter Pan Syndrome. Her father died in an earthquake when she was little wow! Sexy Stuff Some comic sexual innuendo much of which will go over the heads of the youngest kids.

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Sex A couple of kisses between teens. I applaud Hilary for being herself and not feeling pressures to go under the knife. Will I remember this movie in a month?

Sam Hilary Duff is miserable. Ames would be perfect for the Jimmy Olson role in Superman. A great deal of the film is set at school, but not a second took place in a classroom.May 27,  · A Cinderella Story tells a tale told too many times before.

With a few modern twists, Cinderella delivers a forgettable yet marginally likeable adaptation of 5/ This film with Drew Barrymore is the best retelling of Cinderella Ive ever seen.

It tells the story of Cinderella but in a whole different way for instance one of the step-sisters was not wicked. A Cinderella Story doesn't break any new ground, but it's a well-acted little breeze of a film -- perfect if you're a year-old girl.

July 19, Richard Roeper11%. A Cinderella Story is a American teen romantic comedy film directed by Mark Rosman, written by Leigh Dunlap and stars Hilary Duff, Chad Michael Murray. The fairy tale of Cinderella has been produced in movies many times like Ever After () and A Cinderella Story ().

A Cinderella Story () has an interesting storyline, cast, themes, and appeals to teenagers and young adults. Jul 30,  · It's a great Cinderella story, full of wonder, magic, and romance. The costumes and settings are beautiful.

The story is good, and so is the acting. I recommend it. Aj V%.

Review of a cinderella story
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