Service portfolio management case study

They were well-timed, well-executed moves at the right terms. Using that information, the company could make smarter decisions about which promotions should be scrapped, which should be tweaked, and which should merit a greater push.

This report is an important input to the strategic service assessment.

Service Portfolio Management

Senior management had set a 5-year roadmap for their transformation programme, focusing on a number of key areas to better support the business in their objectives. To improve, it bundled all transportation spending, across the entire network both inbound to production facilities and out-bound to its various distribution channelsand opened it to bidding through a request-for-proposal process.

Content such as white paper and ebooks are better managed to ensure that it is efficiently delivered to the target audience. All regions are now using an ITSM toolset better aligned to the organisational requirements.

Several business entities, called value-net1 partners, are involved in the process of delivering value to end customers. To submit a formal Change Proposal to Change Management, and to initiate the design stage for the new or changed service if the Change Proposal is authorized.

To improve its distribution, the company leveraged big data to analyze historical sales performance for segments, brands, and individual SKUs within a roughly ten-mile radius of that retail location.

Different tools, tactics and activities are required to be Service portfolio management case study at each of the stages. For example, front-office processing time for a mortgage has decreased by 33 percent and the bank can get a final answer to customers 36 percent faster.

Hence a view of how you serve your eventual customers is important in portfolio management. NSN had been undergoing a massive turnaround and cost-reduction program, steadily improving its results. Observation of process activities being undertaken e.

In particular, the Service Charter outlines the deliverables to be created during the service implementation project, the required resources, and an initial project schedule. The numbers in figure 1 and 2 illustrate the relative scales. Products that sell well in one region often do poorly in a neighboring state.

Jiffle3 is placed in the Decision stage but can play well into the action phase. The company operates in a category that is highly segmented across product lines and highly localized.

Review of evidentiary material such as documents and records. This change capability will be essential as the bank continues on its transformation journey. To address the gaps, the company set the design principles for a target operating model for its operations and launched a lean program to get there.

Five Case Studies of Transformation Excellence

Interview sessions were centred on answering a set of pre-defined questions specific to an area of focus that prompted discussion and debate, with scores allocated and agreed for each element reviewed. These deals have proved essential for Nokia to fund the journey. Each report contained the following: In addition, VF strengthened its management bench through a dedicated talent-management program and selective high-profile hires.

Finally, the company launched a significant initiative in targeted distribution. Service Portfolio Review Process Objective: The Service Portfolio is divided into three phases: Each process was then optimized from end to end using lean tools. A benchmark analysis revealed that the company had been paying rates well above the market average and getting fewer hours per full-time equivalent each year than the market standard.

Case Studies

For each process the bank revamps, it achieves a consistent 15 to 25 percent increase in productivity. More than 90 percent of customers will still be able to reach a service center within 20 minutes. Additional input was also taken from business representatives to ensure a fully-rounded view of the IT services being delivered.

This approach breaks down silos and increases collaboration and transparency across both functions and organization layers.

Portfolio Management – A Case Study

It was losing ground to competitors in both market share and key financial benchmarks. As a result, the company was able to save 10 percent on logistics in the first 12 months—a very fast gain for what is essentially a commodity service. The company was still dealing with the postmerger integration of Barmer and GEK in and needed to adapt to a fast-changing and increasingly competitive market.

By getting both rates and hours in line, the company managed to save more than 10 percent on its agency spending—and those savings were immediately reinvested to enable the launch of what became a highly successful brand.

Baseline measurements to facilitate the accurate monitoring of improvement progress, and provided the data for setting realistic targets for achieving higher levels of maturity.May 24,  · IT service portfolio management is a critical part of any IT service management strategy, ensuring that all services meet the business and end users needsEmployees: Fox IT Case Study - supporting a global investment bank through ITSM transformation through global IT Service Management maturity assessment.

Project & Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is a critical activity for any business leader, be it a General Manager or a Venture Capitalist. This article offers a case study on portfolio management with a focus on value-net 1 and the economic value of portfolio companies.

a portfolio management case study: risk-adjusted performance analysis of open-end diversified core equity commercial real estate fund by michael keating.

The objective of ITIL Service Portfolio Management is to manage the service portfolio. This ITIL process ensures that the service provider has the right mix of services to meet required business outcomes at an appropriate level. A Major Transformation of the Portfolio.

To help fund its journey, VF divested product lines worth about $1 billion in revenues, including its namesake intimate-apparel business. was able to save 10 percent on logistics in the first 12 months—a very fast gain for what is essentially a commodity service. Five Case Studies of.

Service portfolio management case study
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