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Bar graph showing possible solutions for the issue of teenage pregnancy. Fig1 indicates how the children on the street eat on a daily basis. After I came home, I made dinner. Many teenagers have sex because they want to know how sex feels.

However, you must be careful to avoid misplaced modifiers -- modifiers that are positioned so that they appear to modify the wrong thing.

In order for this to be success different personnel from different institutions would come together and put work in to place, but the children too would have to help by cooperating with the help provided by the government. Many of these individuals are pressured into having sex which leads to them getting pregnant at an early age.

The meaning of a set of words may be dramatically changed by the way From the study the researcher hopes to gain a better understanding of this social issue and in turn will be able to suggest possible solutions for the issue.

Over the past couple of years there has been a rise in the level of teenage pregnancy among teenage girls in the community. It is also necessary that this problem be corrected, so I do hope to find solutions Social studies sba guildline essay this problem. If your answer to the above question was yes, how often would you say you use any form of birth control?

Length of residence of respondents Fig2 show ages of the respondents were residing in Montego Bay. It takes less time to carry out. The researcher therefore decided to conduct a study in order to understand the reasons and effect of teenage pregnancy in the community.

They need to talk to their children more often. The researcher has been living in the community for a number of years. Bar chart showing the effects of teenage pregnancy on the lives of teens. What is an Interview?

The moment I saw him I knew he was one of those children living on the street so I did not even bother to curse I just kept calm. What can be done to correct this problem? The researcher also found out some of the effects of teenage pregnancy in the Seaforth Community.

After a while the mother will need to seek medical attention because of depression. In effective writing, one should express the ideas to its readers clearly by carefully designating the parts of a sentence to their proper location, or each paragraph to their proper order in All of the interviewees reported using all the drugs listed expect for cocaine which all the female deny using.

Adolescence I am grateful for those who have been there for me through this whole school based assessment. The children brought to an abundant building, under a bridge, even over by dump-up beach on the sand where some of them sleep in the nights, there were cardboards, mattress that were thrown away by people and wet sponges.

Recommendation and Implementation of Strategy The researcher recommends that the parents of the Seaforth community have community meetings where they discuss how they will talk to their children about sex. Chart Showing Gender Involve in study The chart above display the gender difference in the research of out 15 persons interviewed 12 being males and a mere three being females.Social Studies Sba Words | 6 Pages interest in religion in Hertford District Dear, This is a research being carried out in Hertford District to find the number of teenagers who goes to church and their interest in religion.

Essays & Papers Social studies sba - Paper Example. More Essay Examples on Child abuse Rubric. I interviewed children on the streets and ask of their residence and why they were on the streets Research-social studies with SBA guide and CXC question by Rampersad Ramsawak and Ralph R.

Umraw. Social Studies SBA Marking Scheme as outlined. Social studies school based assessment outline 1. Social Studies School Based Assessment OutlineSchool Based Assessment.

Social Studies Sba Guildline Essay Sample

This is an evaluation conducted by the school while the social studies course is still in process. Candidates are required to conduct a.

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Social studies sba 1. CARIBBEAN SECONDARY EXAMINATION COUNCIL SCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT: SOCIAL STUDIESTo what extent do students in the area, 2A Marescaux RoadKingston 10, whether male or female, ages engage inThe consumption of alcohol and what measures can beImplemented to minimize the .

Social studies sba guildline essay
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