South country kenneth slessor poem analysis

What did Slessor consider to be the appeal of William Street, Sydney in South country kenneth slessor poem analysis What is the real mystery of Rapptown? Have some fun with its rich, alliterative sounds. The poem reminds us of the brevity and insignificance of life. The poem is an indictment of war, its futility and horrors.

How well does he imagine a typical Australian country town? The cleavers fall, The dead men creak, the live men call, And I God save me bargained there, Paid my pennies and ate my share.

The secret of poetry is never explained to students. The more self-aware of the authors whom Dapin selects wrestle with the question - moral as well as stylistic - of what language can be found to register the horrors of war.

Slessor: Selected Poems

Dapin shows ways of reckoning with war and implicitly invites us to contrast them. For John Monash, a dry, descriptive mode seemed best: But literary respite, like time spent away from the trenches, is only temporary. Invite students to complete the following poetry opinionaire. It is difficult for any writer to discuss his own verse, mainly because of the problem of deciding where the boundary lies between the personal associations and meanings which certain words produce in him and those which they produce in the reader.

New Zealander Alexander Aitken likened a tank to "a pertinacious beetle", while for Frederic Manning whose novel The Middle Parts of Fortune Ernest Hemingway thought the finest about the war"the drumming of the guns" was "as though a gale resounded overhead, piling up great waves of sound".

Ensure that each poem is centred on a separate A4 page with sufficient white space around it to allow for considered annotation. Poetry is difficult to understand.

South Country - Poem by Kenneth Slessor

By remaking the unfamiliar through the familiar, the horrible through the benign, simile allows the illusion of escape from war to the distant peaceful land left behind. This is the simile. Two children died today at the Western Shopping Centre. Reading and writing poetry is a pleasure, but a pleasure from hell.

Have students use a think-pair-share strategy to discuss two questions: Make it come alive for them; entertain them. In what ways does the broadsheet lie in stanza two? Explain the concept of contextual understanding to students i. All good poetry is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.

In any case, the very act of analysing emotional documents composed twenty or thirty years ago is often impossible for the author — he may feel that he is in the position of a paleontologist asked to report on a specimen of fossilized fern. Record the resulting five to seven big questions on the board.

Invite students to annotate the poem and share their initial responses with a partner. Ask students to select two poems that had most impact on them. What makes the travellers sinister? How does the poem appeal to our senses of sight, smell and hearing?

At the time, William Street was lit by neon lights and home to fish shops, cafes, public houses and brothels. Dapin calls the first part of his book "The Great Adventure", as he succinctly traces the soon-obliterated enthusiasm when war was first declared.

South Country

The poem decries the tragic, wanton waste of life. Invite students to form pairs and share their questions. Have students write a word response to the following question: Explain to them that one of the best strategies to assist close reading is careful annotation.

The Australians were given the hardest part of the line to smash. Teaching points could include the: Have students spend at least fifteen minutes annotating their two poems.Comments & analysis: After the whey-faced anonymity / Of river-gums and scribbly-gums and bush, / After the rub You come to the South Country As if the argument of trees were done, The doubts and quarrelling, the plots and pains, More by Kenneth Slessor.

List all». In the poem ‘South Country’ Kenneth Slessor adopts a cynical view of the Australian landscape through a series of imagery, with a judgemental tone. He takes the reader on a. Kenneth Slessor, “South Country” from Selected Poems, published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia.

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South Country by Kenneth Slessor: poem analysis

No account? Create an account. Poem 1: Beach burial Kenneth Slessor wrote the poem Beach Burial whilst he completed his occupation as the official Australian Correspondent in the Middle East.

Due to Slessors observations of the war at close quarters he soon learnt about the horrific horrors of war. Beach Burial is not a typical war poem; there is no rallying call to arms, no celebration of heroics, no declamations of patriotic or national piety, instead we have a sober, sombre, evocative but realistic tribute to soldiers of all nations whether foe or friend who have been united by the common enemy - death.

This is one of Slessor’s.

South country kenneth slessor poem analysis
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