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With the tensions high in Europe and the impending threat of Nazi, Germany, Stalin made what he thought would be a preemptive move.

The Soviet Union quickly became one of the two largest superpowers along with the United States. We fought two major battles against the communists. One example was the Soviet blockade on Western Berlin. Britain and France were not convinced that Hitler was actually invading due to defensive action, thus, World War II began.

The arms race between the US and the Soviet Union also took its toll. The US funded and aided South Korea until they were able to fend of their attackers. While the death toll between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union may have hindered both sides, the Soviet Union came out victorious and was able to extend its borders into Eastern Europe capturing Berlin inand establishing the Eastern Bloc in much of Central and Eastern Europe.

Democracy prevailed, as socialism led the Soviet Union to a serious downfall. The transition into capitalism and westernization would prove to be a detrimental transition. The oil, chemical, and gas industries allowed for increased exports, and the middle-class was growing in size allowing for an increase in the average salary.

It does not take unnecessary risks. This agreement stated that both countries would take no military action against each other for ten years.

They were also uneasy about the spread of communism. Another problem during this time that led to increased tensions was the arms and space race. This proved to be more than Russia could handle.

Joseph McCarthy, an American politician, added to the growing hysteria accusing thousands of Americans of being communists and they became the subjects of aggressive investigations and questioning while having to stand trial.

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After the Soviet Union found out that the U. Because of this, the economic and political system had collapsed which was the eventual cause to the end of the Cold War.

Search our thousands of essays: Communist regions were beginning to replace their governments with non-communist ones, the Berlin Wall was finally destroyed and by the Soviet Union was no longer. During almost the entire time.This free History essay on Essay: The Cold War is perfect for History students to use as an example.

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The Cold War was the most important political and diplomatic issue of the early postwar period; it was a decades long struggle for global supremacy that pitted the capitalist United States against the communist Soviet Union.

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COLD WAR Cold war is a period in which there was political,economic,cultural and military competition and struggle between the United States and Soviet Union or Words | 2 Pages Similar Topics.

Student essays on the cold war
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