The description of anthopleura elegantissima

Biggs R et al. Pelouze TJ et al.

Giant Green Anemone

OZmarch 18, Marcel YL et al. Morton RA discovered and named ubiquinone coenzyme Q in the unsaponifiable fraction of liver lipids Nature, Bernhard K et al. The first issue of the journal "Lipids" appeared that year.

A plant growth-promoting substance, gibberrellin, was crytallized from lipid extracts Yabuta T et al. They have the structure of phthiocerol dimycocerosate Smith DW et al.

First demonstration of the biosynthesis of vitamin A from b-carotene in rat, by means of nutritional experiments Moore T, Biochem J,24, Yamakawa T et al.

First description of the transhexadecenoic acid in a seed oil Hopkins CY et al.

Von Mikusch JD reported the isolation, from alkali-isomerized acids of castor oil, of the first conjugated linoleic acid 10,linoleic acid J Am Chem Soc64, Klenk E identified sphingomyelin as the stored phospholipid in cells from patients with Niemann-Pick disease Hoppe-Seylers Z physiol Chem, Hilditch TP et al.

Cyclohexyl fatty acids were first found in butter Schogt JC et al. Claude Bernard discovered that pancreatic juice was involved in the breakdown of fat to glycerine and fatty acids for sunsequent absorption. Arndt F used for the first time diazomethane to derivatize methylation fatty acids before chromatography Org Synthvol II, The first lipoamino acid to be isolated was serratamic acid hydroxydecanoyl serine from a strain of Serratia Cartwright NJ, Biochem J60, Toyama Y et al.

Discovery that mevalonic acid is incorporated quantitatively into cholesterol in cell-free systems with loss of carbon dioxide Tavormina PA et al.

Craig LC gave the first description of a rotary evaporator as a versatile laboratory concentration device enabling the rapid quantitative recovery of solute from large volume of solvents Craig LC et al. The first issue of the journal "Progress in the Chemistry of Fats and other Lipids" appeared that year.

Chem Ind, London,Chez le corail (Acropora sp.), des polypes vivent en colonies et bâtissent un squelette calcaire commun.

The Giant Green Anemone Anthopleura xanthogrammica is one of the most spectacular anemones. They can be quite large, up to about 11" (30 cm) tall and " (17 cm) wide, and are very green. They look somewhat like a. Important dates in the history of lipids. The alchemist Brandt Hennig is credited to have prepared phosphorus (phosphoro mirabile), the first element isolated in a.

The description of anthopleura elegantissima
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