The green mile book movie contrast

Paul explains he used to be a kind prison guard on death row in charge of overseeing the executions. It will put you in their shoes--and perhaps, change your opinion on the death penalty. It will induce your mind to think about its subjects, and gradually build on you. Aside from being massive in size, he is humble, mild mannered, and caring.

Michael Clarke Duncan recently received a Golden Globe nomination for his supporting role, and he deserves it. What a great cast! One powerful scene in the book that I wished had been in the movie was when Coffey stood in the room with "Old Sparky" and said something along the lines of, "Pieces of them are still in here.

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Percy and Wild Bill probably got what they deserved, but at the same time, John Coffey was killed even though he was innocent, and Delacroix had to endure a horrible death. I envisioned the prison a bit differently, of course, but there were some great details.

Each contributes Oscar worthy performances, and if the Academy leaves these individuals out at Award time, they need to recheck their databases.

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Brought to you by Warner Bros. I can perfectly see why the writers decided to leave these elements to the audiences imagination, to provoke participation. The film offers an interesting perspective of the events that take place.

Set in the deep South during the Depression, the film really captured the accents, the scenery, the dress. It is a unique, three hour experience that must be seen to believe.

Adding this to the movie would have made it too long it was already three hoursbut it definitely gave his old age another dimension. I did have questions that were not really answered by the filmmakers. All in all, the basic essence of these characters were kept intact in the film.

It was adapted to screen and directed by Frank Darabont. Michael Duncan as John Coffey was amazing. After several miraculous events take place that may point to the thought that John Coffey might have magical powers from God, Paul begins to doubt the crimes this so called criminal has been convicted of.

Sad, for sure, but a lot of great stories are. He tells about Percy Whetmore, an arrogant guard; Eduard Delacroix, an inmate, and his pet mouse, Mr. During a very emotional day for Paul, he tells Elaine of a historical year in his experiences. The movie is anti death penalty; we see the sometimes sadistic world from the prisoner guards point of view.

The message to "The Green Mile" is clear and understandable: I thought the setting in the movie was great.Nov 10,  · The Green Mile was written by Stephen King first as a serial novel in It's the written account of Paul Edgecombe, an elderly man in Georgia Pines retirement home, writing about the year of on the E Block ("Death Row") of Cold Mountain Penitentiary.

The movie was named the green mile because of the dark green linoleum that tiles the floor. The main featured character is Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) who acts as the head of the guard in the Green Mile.

In the Book: In the Movie John Coffey is a huge man of seven feet. He is only about 6'6". The main story takes place in The year is Having seen the movie, The Green Mile, and read the novel of the same name by Stephen King, I am glad to say that the movie stays true to the book, which in itself is a great read.

I read the book in one setting about a year ago, and after seeing the movie, I didn't see one scene from the book, or one plot point, left out. In Stephen's King book - The Green Mile, What exactly was Coffey?

The Green Mile ( movie): Why did Percy still work at the Green Mile? What is the symbolism in "The Green Mile"?

What is the movie The Green Mile about? Why is the green mile. The movie seems to only refer to the green mile as a penitentiary.’’ (The Green Mile: Film vs. book) As a result, the book is more appealing since it translates to actual life, and the movie only concentrates on the literal story itself.

The green mile book movie contrast
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