The similarities and differences between jesus christ and siddhartha gautama

Truth is relative — There is no right or wrong. The Holy Spirit not the father comes to Earth as a bird dove and visits Mary and she becomes pregnant. The conception of each was announced by a divine messenger. While the romantic stories of Robin and Marion are fiction, the character of Robin almost certainly existed.

There are probably a lot more dissimilarities than similarities.

Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund

He began by preaching to the Jews, but when they declined his offer to become part of the new Muslim faith, Mohammed was furious and turned on them. Both fasted in the wilderness. The phraseology of the sermons of Buddha and the sermon ascribed to Christ is, in many instances, the same.

Revised translations are necessary as language develops. Performed miracles, such as curing blindness and walking on water Renounced worldly riches and required his disciples to do so also Rebelled against the religious elite Brahmans for Buddha and Pharisees for Jesus Dispatched disciples, shortly before his death, to spread his message Of course, there are many differences as well.

After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. The story of the prodigal son is found in both Scriptures. This shows a vast difference in personal motivation.

Based on their Words are they around today? Does a starfish on the bottom of an ocean know there is dry land?

The Many Similarities Between Jesus and Buddha

God revealed Himself through Nature, through Israel, through His law and prophets. Conceived in a miraculous manner Similar names of mother Maya for Buddha, Mary for Jesus Was a bit of a child prodigy Underwent a long period of fasting while traveling alone Tempted by, but overcame, the devil Began an itinerant ministry around the age of 30 Had disciples who traveled with him.

This is precisely we have so many religions as an attempt to teach us the way to reach the almighty God. The eternal life promised by Christ corresponds to the eternal peace, Nirvana, promised by Buddha. As an example, Irenaeus was a pupil of Polycarp, who was in turn a disciple of John who was the apostle closest to Jesus himself.

There is a lot of evidence of trade between the two regions. Body buried at Medina Medinah in Saudi Arabia. He meditated under the bodhi tree for 49 some claim 40 days. Could Jesus be the second coming of Buddha?

He was a young pampered prince who gave up all he owned to search for the meaning of life. Guanyin is the Chinese name for a male bodhisattva in India and Tibet, Avalokitesvarawho underwent a gradual feminization process in China late in the first millennium CE, after a period of proselytization by Turkic Nestorian Christians.

Here are a few examples The Golden Rule. The text in Greek let Greek ideas predominate. Happiness is not necessary on earth. God is a craving to be extinguished. Finally he told himself that he would not get up until he had found enlightenment. Yes, raised Himself from death after 3 days and then spoke and appeared to people over 40 days — he also spoke with over people.

These are the same people who turned to run from Jesus when He was persecuted, but when they saw Jesus was resurrected and ascended into heaven, they willingly gave their lives to teach about Jesus as Messiah the only way to God — even to the point of death.Similarities Between Buddha and Jesus Olson and Clark went on to point out serious differences between Buddhism and Christianity.

In this excerpt we will look at some obvious similarities between Buddha and Christ and the two religions they inspired.

Remarkable Similarities. Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama) insisted he was human and that there is no almighty, benevolent God. He preached that desire was the root cause of suffering and that people should seek to eliminate desire. He was born in present-day Nepal roughly years before Jesus Christ (Jesus of Nazareth).

Died. Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, Similarities and Differences July 26, | 16 Comments Buddha and Christ, the two personalities that have rerouted the course of human history; Both were born in the Asian continent, both destined to.

However, there are both similarities, as well as differences between Jesus and Buddha and this article attempts to highlight the differences. Jesus He was the son of God himself, sent by God to liberate the mankind by sacrificing his own life at the altar. Jul 28,  · The Many Similarities Between Jesus and Buddha.

Updated on August 1, Catherine Giordano. There are many similarities between Buddha and Jesus Christ. I agree some of the similarities between Jesus and Buddha are superficial and could just be coincidental.

But there are other parts of their life stories (the mythical Reviews: Comparison of Buddhism and Christianity Jump to navigation Jump to e.g. in the Dalai Lama stated that "Jesus Christ also lived previous lives", and added that "So Z. P. Thundy has surveyed the similarities and differences between the birth stories of Buddha by Maya and Jesus by Mary and notes that while there are similarities.

The similarities and differences between jesus christ and siddhartha gautama
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