Utilization of biodegradable kitchen wastes into organic fertilizer using earthworms essay

The things you should be on the look out for are peelings from fruit and vegetables, nuts, eggshells and over-ripened fruit.

How to Convert Kitchen Waste Into Organic Fertilizer Using a Compost Bin

Actually, once you look at the pic below, commonsense will be your guide. Step Four - Create Compost Place all of your compost materials into a compost barrel. It could be regarded as pure streams of waste and they constitute a major burden to the environment such as odor emanation, vermin attraction, toxic gas emission and groundwater contamination.

This will make all of the compost materials mix together and combine natural benefits to make a very effective fertilizer.

It will save labor force and complete packaging with high efficiency. Although we can turn food waste into useful products by some ways, we still should reduce the amount of food waste by starting from ourselves. Moreover, it can grind all kinds food waste efficiently and quickly.

After granulating, the organic granules are often with high moisture and heat, for making better quality organic fertilizer, the content of them should be reduced to a certain percentage. Food Waste Crushing There are various kinds of food waste, such as fruits, vegetables, leftovers,etc, after composting completed, they should be shredded into small particles.

Rotary drum screening machine can separate the finished product and returning materials. Rather, throw them in the heap composting box. As your lawnmower goes over the top, it will suck in the waste and mix it with grass cuttings.

Nearly all excess garden clippings can be put into the compost mix although it should ideally be added over a period of days for the ideal effect.

Always cover the barrel composter from rain. It can handle a huge variety of food waste in a short period of time and rip apart a food waste into smaller pieces.

If you have a tumbling compost bin, you should turn once a week to speed up process of decomposition. Spin the barrel at least two times per day. Red worms are also known as: And about organic fertilizer granules cooling, fertilizer rotary drum cooler will help remove the heat for granules.

Organic Fertilizer Made by Earthworm Waste

High moisture raw material crusher machine is commonly applied machine here. Food wastes are commonly generated in homes, institutions e. By using the mechanical stirring force of high speed rotation and the resultant aerodynamic force, the organic materials can realize continuous mixing, granulation, spheroidization and densification in the machine, so as to achieve the granulating purpose.

Buying Earthworms What if you want more worms in your garden or field? There are many ways to reduce the amount of food waste that is sent to landfills. Water Creating a Good Environment for Earthworms If you want to have a large supply of organic fertilizer made my earthworm waste, you will need to take care of the worms.

In the process of transport and piled up, organic matter of food waste will decompose and produce odor and release large amounts of ammonia, sulfide and other pollutants to the atmosphere. Nothing will make the fertilizer more productive than a healthy amount of natural waste.

Earthworms can thrive in compost bins. The collection of food waste from domestic households requires a very sophisticated system and yet it is very difficult to ensure the collected food waste is not contaminated from other wastes, such as batteries, chemicals, glass,etc.

Composting can convert food waste into hygienic, humus-rich,relatively stable product that conditions soils and nourishes plants. Speaking of this, some people may ask: Second, pollute the water. Granulating process is the vital important part in the whole process, so choose a suitable fertilizer granulator is very important.

Perforate around the sides and the bottom part of the barrel using hot rod soldering iron at 1 cm in diameter hole set in zigzag position along sides and diamond arrangement at the base of the barrel with a distance of 3 inches between hole see figure 1.

It can greatly improve cooling rate. Use a large garden fork to pick the compost up and throw it over areas you would like to fertilize. I learned that the lid should fit the compost bin perfectly.waste treatment process in which earthworms are utilized to manage and convert organic wastes into useful organic fertilizers with the aid of microorganisms by promoting microbial activity (Domínguez and.

Organic fertilizer made by earthworm waste is inexpensive, filled with nutrients, and good for the eco-system. About the Earthworm The lowly, harmless earthworm crawls in the dark dirt and is not often a topic for discussion. Mar 13,  · We are composting our kitchen wastes using the compost bin, as recommended by master urban container gardener Mr.

Jojo Rom. I used to compost in a pit but the rats and flies came. If you want to turn food waste into valuable organic fertilizer quickly to make profits, we will recommend you the next following organic fertilizer production process by using food waste.

The whole process mainly consists of steps, including mixing & crushing, composting, granulation, drying & cooling, screening and packaging.

It probably depends on your type of biodegradable waste and the way you treat it, but in this research paper they say that tonnes of biodegradable waste is turned into about tonnes of liquid fertilizer, so a conversion rate of 75% is possible.

The majority of organic waste you have in your home can be made into a superb fertilizer which will be ideal for your garden and plants. Natural fertilizer is a great alternative to many artificial brands currently on the market.

Creating compost is .

Utilization of biodegradable kitchen wastes into organic fertilizer using earthworms essay
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